I have been put through the wringer. Every day something els

I have been put through the wringer. Every day something else has happened and I reached my breaking point.
2 days ago I got into the mirror and I stayed there for nearly 2 hours. I'm disgusted with myself. I have no idea how to break away from this. I can't once I get started. Now I am wearing a ballcap to hide it ONCE AGAIN UGHHH

I am so sorry hun. Where do you pluck? I was watching a video the other day of a makeup artist with Trichotillomania and she completely removes her eyebrows because that is her trigger and she found these marvelous temp tattoo eyebrows, they looked so good! I will look for the video and post it.

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@Meandyou4ever0 Have you gone to a therapist or seen anyone about this?

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I have never.
This is the first time I have ever talked about it with anyone and to be honest the only reason I am comfortable talking about it with you guys is because I can remain anonymous. I'm very embarrassed by trich.

@Meandyou4ever0 I used to feel that way too, so I never told my family or friends about it. My parents finally made me go see someone a few years ago and it did help a bit. I’m really glad I did because I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I knew that I had it (they kinda just figured it out themselves) and it felt really nice to be able to have someone understand what I was going through and be able to help (my parents couldn’t understand and weren’t really helpful or supportive about it). It might help to remember that they are there to help you and they’ve probably have seen other people like you too. I always feel better talking to a professional than I do with anyone else, but I usually don’t like having to go through the process of it which is ironic.

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I never wanted to rip out my hair until yesterday when i can not figure out how to reply or make a post on here. Has anybody found the, “How are you feeling” post engaged push button?

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