I have been stress eating, binging. It sucks. I did well yes

I have been stress eating, binging. It sucks. I did well yesterday though. So I was gonna say tomorrow is a new day but right now is. I can stop destructive things tonight . I do not have to go grab food to deal with stress. It just causes more stress. It’s maddening I keep self defeating with these behaviors. I know sleep, reading, rv literally anything is better

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Hi, I see you wrote 2 days ago. How are you doing today?

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I am ok. I am striving to not eat once I put my kids to bed. That’s when the binges occur and literally anything else is better for my overall health . I have to consciously be like go to bed etc but I’m working really hard

Hi, I can understand a certain hour stirring up desires to binge. Myself, I overeat when I'm experiencing stress. So I over-ate a few days ago after a difficult phone conversation. I don't know if this question is helpful or not, but do you think there is something in particular about the nighttime that is stressful and leads you to eat?

@L2015 I think it’s my only down time and I taught myself that relaxing is a “snack” abs book or movie. It used to be stressful because I was alone with a toddler., getting us both ready for the next day. But my husband is intentionally staying home with our two kitties this year so that’s thankfully no longer the case. Thank you for asking :slight_smile: