I have been taking narcotics for years to control my back pa

I have been taking narcotics for years to control my back pain. While I have took hydros today, I usually take something a lot stronger. I haven't had anything in 36 hours. The pain is surprisingly not that bad, I haven't done anything. I didn't do this by choice. My state insurance decreased the amount of pain medication they would pay for and I'm too disabled to work at moment. Luckily, I have a quiet fiancee who is at work. When he comes in, I can tell him to leave me alone and he will. I don't know how to explain while pain is actually controlled, I feel like I'm about to get the flu. I've been dependent way too long and I'll be danged if I'm going to take a pill so I'll mentally feel better. My son has also been at work. I've been listening to music and I've done pretty good since they been gone. Guess I could always have him read this even though he's not much into reading either. If he wants to know the problem guess he will then. Thanks for listening. I go to pain doctor Friday. I do plan to tell her I had to go this long because of having too much pain earlier in month and maybe she and I can find something that will control the pain even on the bad days. Have state insurance that only pay for one 100 mg a day when I was taking 3 60 x. Also, it was Embeda the insurance preferred and there is another drug in that pill counteracting so it doesn't work as well. Been a rough month. Friday morning not that far away and I'm optimistic that I have a doctor who will try to help me. Struggled with that one for awhile. I've been under her care for a year now. One of my questions is going to be how long does it take to find the best thing? I'd love not being dependent anymore. I guess I'll give my fiancee a break and stop writing as I'm usually very talkative. He's here and all I'm doing is typing and listening to Michael Jackson's "Heal the World". Music just helps sometimes. So does heat. Thanks for listening. Here if needed. (Think I ran him out of room. Who don't like "Heal the World?" Apparently, my fiancee.....

Maybe it would be possible to get a surgical procedure for your back to alleviate your back problems?

Although this website has not all the answers, diving into the world of homemade pain medication might get you some interesting results.


I read about someone doing that. I was just talking to my son about the procedure. We looked at some pictures and the pain pump would be too close to the hardware in my back. If I have it done, I will insist on going back to Trauma Center that fixed me in first place. They will put my health first and if it's too risky and could cause paralysis which I read, then I'll just have to keep trying with my pain doctor until we find the right dosage to help me live a productive life. I graduated in May, 2015, with a degree in Education. Not been able to do much with that because of pain controls most days. I really would like it to just lessen. As pain doctor and the surgeons told me, I'd always live with a certain amount of pain, that is my life, until the Good Lord takes me. However, I shouldn't have to be in bed most days because it's too hard to get up, and that's what we need to try to fix. Just something that helps me live an almost normal life. Thanks for info I will check it out. I had my surgery done in Memphis- so good hands with doctors there. I just have to find a way to see them. :)