I have been treated for sleepapnea for two years.I take fouI have been treated for sleepapnea for two years.I take

I have been treated for sleepapnea for two years.I take four pills a day, to keep awake.And, I wear my mask at night but not when I sleep during the day. I am always tired and do nothing but read and a little house work.My zip is gone. Sleep apnea is not on the list to post.

Ever consider starting an exercise program? walking 3x's per week for 20mins can assist in building your endurance, endorphins & more, you've been inactive so need to start somewhere. I don't have sleep apnea yet am aware a body that rests, stays resting. Take a stroll around the block, don't make it a chore. Stay w/us, helps having folks to talk to.

Dear April,
Thanks for your comments and interest. I am 74 years old, and I used to walk out side regularily, but for the last months,I walk an hour on the treadmill. I am also deaf. I see my family doctor and a sleep spealist and so far not too much imprrovement. This seemed to comeon me quite suddenly. I fell asleep while driving, no one hurt, again thanks. Like your dog, I have a dog,eight years old.

@mildken@eastlink.ca - oh dear, how scary to fall asleep suddenly like that, I sure hope the doctors figure this mystery out. WOW, an hour on treadmill, thats excellent, good for you!!! I have 2 dogs, their 10yrs. old now & much company. Glad your staying with us & take a look around the site, SupportGroups has many groups to choose from so join as many as you’d. Thanks for replying too, it really made my day, gets lonely sometimes, help talking w/others.