I have been very blessed with having much less pain and for

I have been very blessed with having much less pain and for shorter amounts of time. I have tried so much to get relief over the years, not sure why I am feeling better most of the time now. May be my new mattress, it is partial memory foam. It is made to set on a frame with no box springs. New to me. Feel better when I awake and sit up, most of the time. There are some tasks that I finally learned to totally decline. No longer use a broom, washing bathtub, carrying large loads to the washroom or sitting in a soft cushy chair. Just like to share a more positive post here. Wish and hope others are finding ways to less pain.

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I am happy that your back pain is better! Congratulations! Praise God! I would do something to treat yourself and enjoy this time!

@david345, just saw your reply to me. Thanks much and yes Praise GOD always,jmo. I enjoy sharing positives and reading positive posts. I realize many people have severe, chronic pain and can relate. If I can share a comment to be supportive I do. We can always use some support and at times advice. Oh and treat myself? My treat has been sleeping at least4 straight hours or more. For 9 years even when on Oxycodone and injections on my back, still didn’t sleep more than2-3 hours at a time. Again my best to all and may you have times of freedom from pain and reasons to smile often.