I have been working from home for three months now because o

I have been working from home for three months now because of the pandemic. At the beginning I lost my best friend and can't stop ruminating on it and binging while I ruminate. I've gained a lot of weight. It will take time to make new friends but in the meantime I want to stop binging. Any advice

Sorry you lost your best friend. I don't have great advice. I try not to binge, I do yoga, take a walk, journal, read a book.

@Griz75 Thank you for your suggestions. I will try to make my own list of distractions. The problem is that its hard to do when I’m stressed from work.

For me binging is a self soothing mechanism its very comparable to smoking cigarettes. One thing i discovered is if I go to bed earlier the less I binge or not at all but if I stay up late I binge more. That's the time I'm sitting alone reading and watching tv. I don't binge turning the day almost never. You might have to make some changes in what you're doing and when or what you're not doing. Find things that will keep you busier it can be a combination of things like projects around home, fun things, going out more think of reasons to leave more or for linger periods. If you get busy you wont feel the need to binge nearly as much.

@Littleturtle1000 Guess what. I’m an ex-smoker. I gave it up eight years ago without gaining weight. Now I’m having the food that people have when they give up smoking. I think your advice on finding projects or redirecting my thoughts can help. I just had to comment on your smoking analogy as I smoked for 34 years. I guess I have to be grateful that I’m not turning to cigarettes, but still have to battle the need to sooth by eating.

First off, I am so sorry for your loss, it has been a chaotic time, and losing such a close friend in the mist of this has to be difficult. I hope that days get easier. As far as the food thing, I can completely relate to what you are facing! I feel like I have always turned to food when I stress, or when I'm sad, or even when I'm happy. I have found that journaling helps a great deal, just tracking what I eat. I become more conscious of what I am putting in my mouth. There's a great app called my fitness pal that make this pretty easy, and I know there are lots of others ones out there that are free. I do agree with Griz75 through, if you can, when you get the urge to turn to food redirect your thoughts, maybe try taking a short walk or anything physical that can keep your mind off food. I be praying for you....

@chaoticjoy3 Thanks so much. I’m going to try your advise. I have to try harder to redirect my thoughts.