I have decide to come on this site everyday for support, and

I have decide to come on this site everyday for support, and give support, and share my progress of quitting this terrible addiction....I'm here for anyone that wants to talk, and get through this together!!

I love your plan! I have the same goal. I sent today's plan to this site earlier today. It's 1:08 pm, and I'm doing it right so far. I've had a binge eating lifestyle off and on since age 11. I want out. I've decided to fill my life with vegetables and good fruits, lean protein, whole grains, skim milk, and a small amount of sugar and cheese. My thinking is this: if I'm full,of the right foods, I will binge less. I'm expecting to improve my eating and avoid perfectionistic thinking. Thanks for your entry on this site. You have inspired me and given me hope!

Thanks for your reply to my message! Knowing someone out there has read what I wrote gives me so much comfort and hope! I've decided to be as positive as I can be in this support group. I will be sharing my challenges, but I want to write about my attempts to be healthy and my successes, no matter how small, and not give too much emphasis to the negatives. Best wishes!

@Hattiea Best wishes to you also!! One day at a time.