I have gone through so many tests for my anemia after 20 ye

I have gone through so many tests for my anemia after 20 years of taking iron and now it decides to get so bad that I have to get a transfusion? What the hell? I got a colonoscopy on Monday that was normal and did a pill cam today that I am sure I won't know the results to until next Monday, to see if I have colon cancer. The end of 2014 they already removed pre-cancer from there. I'm exhausted, weak, dizzy, and freezing all the time. My belly hurts but not worse when I eat, and I don't have a big appetite, I mostly just want Ice to chew on all the time. Why is this so hard to get these people to understand? It's been going on for so long and I don't want to have to explain myself anymore....

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Have you had a couple of different drs opinions?

Like the ER Dr said last week, there are too many cooks in the kitchen and they are not communicating with each other at all. That is a lot of the problem also. Everyone wants to do this test and that, but they don't all talk to each other about the results. I'm stuck in the middle of it all.

I see. Go to the one who you trust the most and tell him the same thing..insist he sorts it out for you..

I will have to do something. Thanks.

hi, i just posted part of my story but google PICA and see if craving ice is there - i read it as a symptom but not sure its anemia. i was a RN and read many professional journals. tanya

Craving ice is a sign of iron deficiency. Severe anemia. I had that craving. Saw my doctor and I'm doing fine. See your doctor

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A lot has happened since I posted this and I see a hemotologist and get iron infusions every six weeks now because I have HHT. Thanks for caring. ;)

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