I have had 9 brain surgeries and a coma

I have had 9 brain surgeries and a coma

Hi there and welcome. Hopefully you feel as though they have been a success. How have you been since the surgeries and coma?

@Aura82 I am sorry I didn’t realize I had to hit reply nut anyway my hair is long and luxurious I have never had long hair before and I LIKE IT. Mom always thought that I liked it when she yelled at me about it. So I had to yell at her and get this she thought that I liked to yell at her. So one day I just broke down and started crying historically. I think she finally got the picture though.

well I had a brain blead the last time I was in the hospital. My shunt got clotted up with blood so I was in there for six week three shunts later here I am

I am glad things are going well, and that you finally have a hair style you have been wishing for!

@Aura82 after 2007 we moved to florida and I had a brain blead and I had to have a new shunt put in 3 times cause it kept getting clotted up with blood.

well I didn't want it till after I got it shaved for surgery down here

@seangoodwin for the twelfths time