I have had a particularly bad case of genital hsv 2 for abou

I have had a particularly bad case of genital hsv 2 for about 6 years now and would like some advice please.

When i was first diagnosed at the gum clinic (2days after infection) i was never given any anti virals, even though the doctor himself said it was a particularly bad case of the hsv2. It wasnt until a year or so later that i realised there were anti virals available (a friend used them).

Now, i have heard that using anti virals initially is vital not only for reducing the initial outbreak but in reducing reoccurring outbreaks. I have even read that massive doses of anti virals can actually prevent the virus from attaching itself permanently to the body/nerves.

My question is, was the fact that i never took anti virals after primary infection, a contributing factor towards my case of hsv2 being particularly bad. How bad i hear you ask? Well, my outbreaks last on average about 3 weeks and occur roughly 8 times a year. Thats while taking acyclovir and lysine and sticking to a very good 'anti herpes' diet. I should also add that even between ourbreaks the virus is visible on the gentials whether it is through scarring or just inflammation. Life is fun isnt it?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Hi there. What particularly advice are you looking for are you taking medication?

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Hey welcome to support groups!
Well as far as remedies, as if you haven't tried your fair share of them, there's St John's Wort. Careful about sun exposure and if you're taking antidepressants.

There's a homeopathic remedy that i just tried called Herpetic Nosodes from Professional Formulas. Holy cow, I've never had anything cut my outbreaks and prodrome down so much. It's sold for $16.

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Thanks for your replies. I mainly just wanted to know if the reason my herpes is so severe is because i wasnt initially prescribed anti virals. I need closure, its always on my mind.

Anti virals help suppress the virus. You could try lysine. What about your diet and stress? Have you had these obs consistently during this time?

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Yes consistently. Does the number of outbreaks i suffer from seem severe? I havent heard of anyone experiencing as high a number of outbreaks as i suffer from.

My main question, and purpose for the topic, was to ask; would my oubreaks be fewer and less severe if i had recieved anti virals after primary infection?

Kind regards, Alex.

Well, everyone’s body is different. You may be over or underweight. you may have dietary issues, you may have some blocks within your system from whatever lifestyle or congenital deal you’ve been working with. When the wires/nerves are frayed/damaged/worn out then HSV will express itself more intensely but if you can heal the nerves so your immune system can work more smoothly then you’ll have less outbreaks and generally less problems. St. John’s Wort is a miraculous herb that regenerates the nerves and heals flesh. It’s also antiviral to HSV. So I usually recommend that because I had recurrent issues that weren’t touched by anything else except for that.

HSV is a nerve condition. When one has an outbreak, it is erupting from nerves. So people get what’s called ‘post-herpetic neuralgia’. This weakening of the nerves leaves one vulnerable to more outbreaks unless you heal them.

But you know, you can seek out multiple opinions to see what’s out there.

Thanks for the advice, i will definately try st johns wort. Do you take it in tablet form? Also what kind of doses would you recommend?

I suppose i may never find out if my infection is worse because i was never given anti virals. I suspect it was which makes me even more angry. To think that it could have been so much less aggressive. No matter how much i block it out of my head it is impossible to remove. Herpes has already changed my life for the worse in so many respects. I genuinely believe i will off myself within a few years or die as a result of my recklessness due to having little to lose now. But thats probably best kept for another site :-D

Thanks for all your replies. Hopefully st johns wort may keep me in this body for a little longer.

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@Max1234 Hey. ok, now that I’m relieved of some stress I can talk a little more.

The health and smooth working of the body is not a superficial schematic that western medicine lays it out to be. There are many pathways that, if rough/uneven/damaged/worn down/whatever, can make one more vulnerable to issues. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is best equipped in roto-rooting a rough and troubled terrain. But if you don’t want to seek the care and guidance of a provider then there are some remedies to try. Some people are always doing a cleanse, well SJW is something like a cleansing agent except it’s not depleting. It’s a restorative herb.
I take St. John’s Wort (SJW) in capsule and tea form. The capsule, I get from Gaia Herbs as it’s in liquid extract capsules. It’s a bit more potent and very effective, in my opinion. Take 1 a day for 5 days. If things are really bad with breakouts then maybe do 1pill 2x/day for that initial day and then 1 a day for the next several days. In the beginning, I was taking SJW 1x/day for 5 days. I’d stop and see how long things would be ok. Generally about 3 days and things would start coming back. Now that my immune system is a bit more caught up with everything, I’ll take a SJW 1 pill every 2-3 weeks just because of various stresses going on.

Then there’s making it as a tea. There’s yogi tea brand and are others that make SJW in tea bags. It’s nice and it’s milder than taking a liquid concentrated and standardized extract for those days when things aren’t acting up that much at all.

I would also suggest the Herpetic Nosodes by Professional Formulas. It’s a homeopathic that I just started using last week. I have been amazed by how effective it is. It’s like $16 on the internet. Honestly, I’ve tried a lot of products and I can’t believe how effective that one is. Don’t ask me to explain it because the explanation will make you think it’s the biggest quack, snake-oil remedy. …But it works (for me at least).

but don’t stress. And SJW will help with that. :wink: Don’t think about taking your life. This isn’t the end. If you run away from dealing with this then in the next life (provided that you believe in that) you will have to repeat this lesson again. Screw that. Talk about it.

Are you a part of the secret fbk social group in the uk?

Have you considered going on proper meds like valtrex?

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@lisajd it isnt, i dont think, available in the uk for prescription

All i am prescribed in the uk is acyclovir. How often shouldni take acyclovir? I was told to take it constantly so i did, then another nurse told me its only meant for short periods of time. Im very confused :-(

If you are still having constant outbreaks then you need to do something whether that be acylvir or other anti virals. Id say they suggest short periods as long term on meds are not good for you and these are to clear up obs. Some do take if they have consistent obs or if they are in relationships and want to reduce risk.

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Is it bad for the body to not take anti virals and just have consistent outbreaks? I have started only taking acyclovir when i feel an outbreak coming on and throughout the outbreak.

I dont know what else to do. I was taking acyclovir everyday for years until i was told it is bad to do that. I feel i have been let down by medical "professionals" for years.

@sanguine has written about long term effects or meds. Perhaps you should research or check previous posts. Try the other options suggested and keep a record of your obs and whether there is a link to other stuff in your life. Im sorry you have had this so bad for so long. Your immune system clearly isnt able to suppress it. Do u get sick much?

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Thanks for your reply. I get sick often now but rarely before i had herpes. Do you think i am unable to suppress it because i wasnt given anti virals when i first contracted the virus? Surely if you let a virus thrive then it will get deep into the nerves.

to be honest I'm really not sure. I had a very mild outbreak and never went on any medication and have not had another outbreak since it would probably have a lot to do with your environment perhaps your diet your stress those sorts of things.

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I would truly suggest finding a different Doctor. Someone that can further answer these questions more appropriately for you. Try finding a Dr that specializes in homeopathic remedies. My first outbreak was awful. I was given valacyclovir (valtrex) to take twice a day for 10 days. It equalled out to 2000mg per day for ten days. That alone cleared mine up. My Dr also said that if my outbreaks get very frequent that i COULD take the antiviral every day though i don't know in what dosage. I would truly suggest a new Dr for you. It really doesn't seem like yours has been helpful for you. I know how hard it is and how stressful this is to deal with. I too have been dealing with depression about this subject. Please know I'm not judging you at all but would like to express that maybe a therapist would be helpful for you to work out some of the mental aspect of this. I truly wish you the best and hope that some of these homeopathic remedies are truly helpful for you. Good luck!

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@PeppermintLover12 thankyou for your advice. i cannot see anyone about depression as it will have a hugely negative effect on my medical record and im looking to further my career, if i can get over the depression that is. catch 22.

I've also received conflicting advice from medical professionals. My first outbreak was quite severe and very painful - I was given a course of acyclovir and told to take them when I feel as if I may get an outbreak (e.g. tingling sensation) so I ended up taking quite a few courses to begin with. However, another doctor then told me I shouldn't do that as taking too many courses of the drug can be harmful to the liver & to only take them once I actually have the symptoms of an outbreak.
The last 2 outbreaks I have not taken any medication, although I have been taking lysine & St John's Wort, & they have been less severe.
Unfortunately I'm unable to answer your initial question but from what I have gathered the virus affects every body differently. I've never heard of any theory that suggests not taking any antivirals to begin with worsens the affect of herpes on your body. I would have thought that not relying on antivirals would mean your body would eventually naturally build up antibodies to fight against the virus on its own but I'm in no way a medical professional.. Try consulting another doctor/ sexual health nurse for some clarity - I plan on doing so as I still feel there's many unanswered/ confused questions around herpes. I've also found nurses at GUM clinics to be more knowledgeable around herpes as obviously they have more specialist knowledge & from my experience are more understanding...
In the mean time, try not to dwell on what could have been, especially if you're uncertain as to whether taking antivirals would have made a difference in the first place. I hope this helps in some way.. All the best :)

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