I have had a penile prosthesis and am now able to vae an ere

I have had a penile prosthesis and am now able to vae an erection, but my sex drive is not working at all.hat can I do about that?

Not to dis this forum but FrankTalk.org should have a wealth of info for you with your implant and others who have the same experience and situation and perhaps they can help? Look for the implants section

After prostrate cancer and radiation have felt not much like a man. And My mind wants sex but rest not working of course. So soon will undergo Penile implant and Dr said I will change my mind and body and my wife will enjoy it as well. Been almost thinking of changing sides. Want to know what to expect and know there will be pain in begining and wonder if you feel the implants as walking around or if wife will notice strage feel. Like to discuss it with others that have gone thru this. Thanks

@Disk123 I don’t have an implant but I am encouraged from what I’ve read about them from others that have them. Coloplast Titan and AMS 700 seem to be the 2 main choices. I have not had prostate issues but have had ED for many years and currently use Trimix injections. Like I posted earlier, franktalk.org implant section appears to be the Internets biggest and best forum for guys in your situation. Should be dozens of implant recipients there eager to help answer questions for you?