I have had food allergies my whole life but lately they have

I have had food allergies my whole life but lately they have been so hard to deal with. I'm allergic to all nuts and eggs and I feel like no one understands what it's like having to live with them. My friends always want to go get coffee or go to places I can't eat at and I feel so left out. My parents always eat things I'm allergic to and talk about how amazing they are right in front of me and it hurts that I'll never be able to try those things. It's been a lot to deal with all of a sudden and I just found this site so maybe it will help. Does anyone have any advice on how to live life without fear of eating something wrong? My anxiety doesn't help either because I'm always afraid I'll eat something I'm allergic to and not get to my Epi Pen in time or something. So yeah, I need some advice. Thanks! :)

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That is hard, but I know lots of people with food allergies and while your parents are really awful, you will find as you get older that you will meet lots of people with food allergies and that many restaurants cater to your needs.

I'm allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, sesame seeds, mustard, bananas, peas, and lentils. I feel you when you say that you can't share someone else's joy in going out to eat at various places or trying different foods. It's terribly hard and it feels isolating a lot of the time. Even for me though, I can usually find something to eat at new restaurants. I just have to do some research beforehand, maybe even contact the chef. But I get anxious too eating at new places because I have to have my guard up. It's not easy and you're not alone.

Oh that's sucky. I know what its like though. Watching everyone around you eat things you can't, its basically torture especially when you're hungry. Most of my family is vegan now though and doesn't bring or eat peanuts, courtesy of my mother who has been making and finding things for me to eat. Vegan resturants