I have had many problems that relate to PCOS. the unstable/u

I have had many problems that relate to PCOS. the unstable/untimely periods, the heaviness, the pain, full body and facial hair growth, weight problems and possibly more ( i dont know all the symptoms) my doctors first thought my problems were diabetes, thyroid related or pituitary tumor related. However they all came back negative.
right now my biggest problem ( besides looking like a girl with a 5 oclock shadow) is my hip and knee pain. this week my ankle started hurting too. it feels like someone or something is scraping the bone. It isnt muscle paina s other people describe. I dont know if this is related or not. My doctors have no idea what is goin on with me and they keep on sending me to every one else.
I dont really trust doctors i have a long bad history with them- including molestation, abuse and more. So sending me all over is really hard however I am already almost $400 dollars out in copays (which is around $20 a time so that means i went a lot) this is after a long time of sufering agreeing to go.
the last place they are ssending me is to a gynocologist- which might be the smartest, however if they dont have answers than i have nothing left, and what if they misdaignos me again- like all the other times!

i am really nervous. I am 24 and this has been going on since I was 21.

I was told that this is genetic however I am the first in my family- extended family inlcuded to have this problem, and the weight problem comes from a doctor mistake when i was younger as well as another doctor (different doctor) while i was in high school, so i dont know if it applies.

i know this sounds all over the place, but I am sort of going nuts with this pain in my leg right now and i cant deal with it- i really have a high pain tolerance so complaining is usually when I cant contain it anymore or hold it in without showing it. But right now it is affecting my sleeping, breathing, walking, sitting working and a whole lot more.

any one with answers?!?!!?

These are just two good resources, research is your friend. Hugs!