I have hsv2 diagnosed Nov 2015. I've came to emotional terms

I have hsv2 diagnosed Nov 2015. I've came to emotional terms with having this. However I'm finding myself trying to fight the loneliness. I start living my life and feeling "normal" wanting relations/ship and then I remember I have hsv2. Not saying you can't have that. But it's the whole revealing status thing smh

Have you dated yet? I think disclosing the first time is the hardest but after that it gets easier. I think what you need to keep in mind that it is so common now and many people are very aware of it and I think that there are probably fewer people who will treat you badly when you tell them and I have found that the guys I have told have told me how they appreciate my honesty and courage for saying it. Remember honesty is a big thing in a relationship and by you having the guts to actually tell someone is probably a big tick in their books. There is no reason why you can't have a relationship. You just need to go out there and get your confidence up again

@lisajd I know. It’s just when I remember that I have to disclose I get discouraged from even wanting a relationship or anything else

Honestly , as long as you talk about it with confidence , I'm sure you have looked up alot of information? Just don't act like its as terrible as you feel about it you might give people the wrong impression and they might be scared too. But if you are confident and informative , i think they might be more willing to hear more about it or actually look it up themselves. Good luck

We found out the same time, message me if you need anything ❤️

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Found out almost two years ago, I'd like to say things get easier.

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I think that you have to take the leap of faith and if someone rejects you then you can't take it personally. there are people who will reject you with or without herpes.

@helpk if you talk so much and got along I would tell him. He seriously may feel heart broken if you wait to long to tell him. He was honest with you abt how he gets disappointed when it gets good.

Still wait for at least 2 dates and see how you feel.

Then why is everyone (including Web md) saying HSV1&2 is transfered through anal, vaginal and oral sex?

@FeelingSoLost I mean… saliva is saliva, just like blood is blood, right? Like hepatitis… all you have to do is touch the blood and you can get it. That’s what I’m worried about. STD/I or not, I’m worried about ANY bodily fluid contact…

So why is lisajd saying you can't transfer hsv2 to someone by kissing them, but if it is transfered skin to skin, mucous membrane to mucous membrane, then doesn't that run them at the SAME RISK of contracting it any other intimate way?

I’m not trying to be rude, I really don’t know. The general information websiteso are just saying “a lot of people have it, it’s not a big deal”… like, no… it is a VERY big deal… you are obviously just the author of the article and not someone that has it… (you as in a general, not anyone in this group)

OK, well I had someone tell me in a different thread that it doesn't mean you have to stop having oral sex. But for me I feel like what's the point.... we've never used condoms before, being monogamous and under the impression we were both clean, which I'm fine with for sex but why would I want to suck on a piece of rubber, and vice versa? To me it seems pointless and definitely not romantic at all. I feel like half of our sex life is going to be over and we will split because of lack of intimacy now...

So basically as long as it’s not on my mouth, he can’t get it if I kiss him? I mean you just said it transfers via wet fluids and any open cavity to the body… I’m so confused… the virus is all over my system whether there’s an outbreak or not? So… can’t it’s still transfer ? I’m so freaking confused. It will, it won’t. … I just wish there was a definite answer, I’m just feeling more discouraged every time I find out something new

Omg you guys. I read this and thought who was I talking about? Lol THE MOST TRAUMATIC ENCOUNTER. Thank goodness for therapy. Long story short he sent my body into panic. He gave me flash backs about the guy who passed herpes and all the drama with that. I’m doing muuuuuch better now. He was not the one! lol ps glad I can laugh about that now