I have learned that everyday you should reach out and touch

I have learned that everyday you should reach out and touch someone.
~ Maya Angelou

Great attitude. Share the love :)

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@roxsana29 Beautiful sentiments, I loved Dr Maya Anglou quotes. She was a good author, and poet. Now, it's up to us to tried, and follow through this quote..... People professed to want to helped you, in the interim, they have their own agenda, and it's more selfishness, than compassion.......... But this is first Support Group, I have come across, the majority of members really care About You! It's just wonderful, it makes me still believed in HUMANITY. For example, in the wee hours of the morning, I am still up, it goes with my health issues, I came across, some members- as I referred to them as SG friends, it's not my own, I plagurised from Jimmbo, my friend. Yes, SG friends were trying to stopped someone from suicide or self harm. And doing such a wonderful job, it's tear jerking, when SG friends come together to do good. It's liked a Super a Hero movie......... Please, let me stopped, I am getting choked up....... You ROCK, SG friends you know who you'll are ? You are my Unsung HEROES, THANK YOU, on behalf of everbody on this site. Kindness, and Compassion is Still Alive, and Well on this SG Support Groups.......

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