I have Leukemia. Taking oral chemotherapy everyday. Also tak

I have Leukemia and new to the group. Taking oral chemotherapy everyday. Also take a plethora of drugs. Including generic Cialis. It doesn't work. I have no desire for sex and can not keep or even get an erection at times. It's effecting my relationship. It seems like there is no one here to help? I'm new, Am I posting this correctly?

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Hi I would think your drugs your taking for chemo might change your body. Just thoughts. Hope you get better soon. Hugs. Here to talk if you need for support but I'm a woman and don't know much about your condition but happy to talk.

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Thank you so much for responding! I understand that it is the drugs. My Oncologist prescribed me Cialis, thinking it may help. Sometimes it does, sometimes not.
I will never get better, as my condition is chronic. So, I have to take these drugs for the rest of my life.
Any suggestions from you are appreciated. And again, thank you.

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There are other ways to both please you and your wife. Try different things to satisfy eachother there are so many things out there to consider especially sex toys. Hope this helps.

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@Tomkat12 I am married, just not to a Woman. I hope this isn’t offensive to you. You seem nice and easy to talk to.

Look into Trimix injections or check out the website FrankTalk.org for a plethora of other guys with ED and their discussion questions and answers to ED problems. That website really is a helpful resource for guys with ED and probably will open up some options for you? I'm not a fan of the pulse therapies that seem to be a popular push from greedy doctors these days as I never seen anyone have lasting results. Just trying to help! Trimix is very powerful stuff and does require a good bit of research and schooling to use it properly. It's been my go to since April 2018.

@Bob1974 sorry if you don’t mind to be honest after a long talk with my wife I’ve just now after a few years except it that I have ED and Pe . Can I ask what is trimix

Trimix is a mixture of three different drugs made at a compounding pharmacy that when injected into the cavernosa tubes can make most guys probably get an erection. Check out the website FrankTalk.org. it's a great forum site guys with ED and they have an injection section. Trimix has been my go to since around April 2018 and is far superior to pills like Viagra and Cialis.

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@Bob1974 first I’ve ever Heard about it and I’ve been to all the clinics thank you

@pat10ton I had bad ED for 20 years before I discovered Trimix. I got a new urologist in 2018 who introduced me to it and it's been my go to since using it on average about 3 times a week. I assume that the only reason it isn't as popular as Viagra is because it isn't made by a BIG pharmaceutical company? Most medical professionals I meet never heard of it. After my first time trying it I was pissed off that I had never heard of it before despite that it's been around a long time. I pay $125 for 10ml which I'm guessing is about 100 2 hour erections for me :) or sometimes I will inject less for a quickie when the wife and I don't have a lot of time. The majority of that $125 cost is the compounding fee charged by the pharmacy which I think is the same whether you get 5ml or 10 and the medicine is pretty cheap?The stuff I get is powerful(there is different prescription strengths) and can easily give me erections that last a couple hours or more depending on how much I inject. The erections last until the medicine wears off allowing you to go multiple rounds(yes please) taking you from sex zero to sex hero. The other thing that I love about it is how it works in less than 10 minutes making it more spontaneous then the pills and doesn't have the other side effects that you get from the pills like a headache, flush face and sinus issues. I've heard that it's what some men's clinics use to rip guys off for thousands of dollars and won't write a prescription for it forcing the guys to buy the Trimix only through them at ridiculous costs. It does REQUIRE SOME SCHOOLING as it isn't as easy as popping a pill and it doesn't work unless you inject it into the cavernosa tubes. I've read too many bad stories about rookies who don't inject it into the right spot and then they increase the dosage again and again sometimes thinking they need more for it to work until they finally get it in the cavernosa tubes and end up having an erection lasting more than 4 hours and end up in the ER with an embarrassing problem that sometimes leaves permanent damage. Pain is very minimal if you even feel anything at all using super small 31 gauge 5/16" syringes. I only use BD brand syringes as I believe they are the best quality and I order a box of 100 for less than $30. HMU if you have questions for me as I'd be happy to help prevent some of the pain and frustration that ED has caused me over the years. If you're having issues getting a prescription for it maybe try calling a local compounding pharmacy to you and ask them for doctors that prescribe it?

Hi Bob
I used trimix from Boston Group a while back and had good success and then after 15 years or so, I tried again, this time from my provider, but even after exceeding full dose, I never got a good erection.I just ended up getting a slight penis curvature, eventhough I injected equally on both sides.

What is your experience?

@rjay I was introduced to Trimix in early 2018 and it’s been my go to since then 2 or 3 times a week on average. My prescription strength seems to be pretty strong and initially would only require 3 or 4 units or a few drops. I’ve had my prescription refilled a number of times and each batch seems to vary a little bit in strength but the initial batch was very strong? I know that there are Trimix script strengths that are probably twice as strong or more then mine with users. No curvature issues with it and in fact I thought Trimix was supposed to be a treatment for curvature??? I am one guy, if you want to dig deep and see posts about Trimix injections from probably a thousand guys try looking at FrankTalk.org injections section. I’m sure there is a search function there as well that perhaps you could search for “curvature”? What was your Trimix prescription strength and how much were you injecting? I’ve seen posts before about Trimix that sounded like it was powerful enough for an elephant. I also use a very small 31 gauge 5/16" long that is so small that it rarely bleeds after injecting with it.

Eddiek, you may go to www.theelator.com. It is a relatively new treatment for ED.