I have multiple food allergies, such as: wheat, dairy, soy, I have multiple food allergies, such as: wheat, dairy, soy,

I have multiple food allergies, such as: wheat, dairy, soy, tree nuts, oats, eggs, grains, peanuts, almonds and hazelnut. I'm struggling to eat enough food to get me through the day feeling strong and energized while working in landscaping. Right now, my meals consist of sweet potatoes, corn, and salmon. There may be something else going on other than just the allergies. When i eat, say, grass-fed beef, it does not trigger any symptoms, but also my body doesn't seem to accept it; I still go on hungry as ever. So, three weeks ago i started taking digestive enzymes along with a probiotic, it has yet to make a difference. I have had a endoscopy and a ultra-sound. Both were negative for anything other than a inflammed esophagus. I've been fighting this for a long time and have lost nearly all hope.

Even the corn and sweet potatoes don't seem to satisfy my hunger, they just don't set off any allergic reactions.

Hey. This sucks. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I know what it feels like, water water everywhere but not a drop to drink...I have a very sensitive soy allergy so I'm also feeling hungry half the time. Like you said, maybe there is something else besides allergies? Have you seen a naturopath about chronic inflammation? If your esophagus is inflammed I bet the rest of your digestive tract is. It sounds like you need to fix your gut. That's what my problem is, chronic inflammation due to allergies from a bad gut (probably from untreated PTSD), my symptoms are debilitating muscle pain and fatigue. I was practically bed ridden for a year. For the time being maybe try eating more anti inflammatory foods, like broccoli and lots and lots of turmeric. You can buy it fresh and grate it into meals or put it in shakes if you can't find processed turmeric powder that is allergen free. (THAT's the problem, the food industry is teaming with soy and other major allergens.) I think I have to give up meat all together because of how common soy feed is for farm raised animals. I'm thinking of taking a drive to some farms outside the city, talk to some farmers. I can't imagine doing hard labor with your diet restrictions! Don't give up hope! You're obviously a tough cookie. You can reverse a lot of food allergies with the proper treatment but you won't get that treatment from regular doctors. A naturopath is your best bet. I hope this helps, even a little. I know how isolating this can feel.

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water with supper with help your stomach acid. Water with some lemon juice in the morning and a warm compress on your stomach before bed can also help your stomach function. These are things I had to do at the beginning of my treatment. Now I'm on special anti inflammatory supplements and digestive enzymes. The goal is to reverse my allergies by getting my digestive system back on track. Good luck. :)

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