I have my 2nd therapy appointment tomorrow. im really nervou

i have my 2nd therapy appointment tomorrow. im really nervous, i haven't officially gotten a therapist yet, this is just to see what would fit me. im gonna put myself on a waiting list if they offer but based on how the first appointment went i think im eligible.

Good luck!

Hi there. It's good you're doing your best. I just said a prayer for you, and I hope everything goes well with you. All the best! Hugs.

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Good luck! I’d be curious to hear how your search goes. I’m looking for a therapist as well.

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hello. i admire you, especiall that you found a courage to visit a therapist, i hope everything is going to be well. I’m thinking about visiting a therapist too but i don’t know if i have as much courage as you do.

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I hope it went well - It takes a lot of strength to seek professional help so give yourself credit! Every step forward is progress.