I have never used a forum before, so forgive me if I make mi

I have never used a forum before, so forgive me if I make mistakes. I'm not entirely sure how this works. I am the sole caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson's and dementia. The good news is that he is pretty high functioning. That's also the bad news. He is 74, and has been a mechanic all of his life. Unfortunately, sometimes now he does things that make no sense. I've got to get him to stop working on our car and "fixing" things around the house. However, HE thinks he's functioning just fine, thank you, and I'M the one with the problem. We are seeing a marriage and family counselor, but this is a stubborn problem, and a stubborn man.

Welcome to SG. Sorry your family is dealing with this diagnosis. Definitely a challenge on your hands. Will require some clever thinking to address this. Does he ever come back to what he 'fixed' and wonder who messed it up?

Can you tell him something was already worked on by a repair place with a warranty and they are to return to fix it under the warranty?

@bebobaBetty Oh, yeah. We live out in a rural area, but he’s sure someone is sneaking into his shop at night and using or hiding tools, and doing things to our cars. It’s getting critical right now, because our only car has broken down, and we don’t have the money to fix it, but I CAN’T let him do it.