I have no clue what to do with myself anymore. I sit here al

i have no clue what to do with myself anymore. I sit here all day just looking at the tv not even watching it. No one to talk to , bored constantly ..... i have hardly left the house in 2 years and just feel like i have completely lost my mind.

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I have the answer

@LoveHandleYay whats that?

I've seen this a lot in specific b vitamin deficiencies. Is this a result of something or you don't know the cause?

@LoveHandleYay i do take b12 . I have ptsd that has just caused me to isolate myself , and it has just gotten worse over the years

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That's a start. You need b6 in the form of P-5-P and also to do Tibata workouts four to five times a week.

Hi everyone.first time here .

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@Mzpolly welcome aboard!

This has been the longest haul.Thought i was over this 20 years ago.its back.

@Mzpolly Try a few free meetings of Recovery International. Look them up on the web. Go to 5 or so before you decide if it’s for you or not.

i think u need a friend too along with all vitamins n b12...we can b frnds if u wish !

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First time for me as well. If it works for you, then I hope it does for me as well.

No answers for you lucy22 cause I'm in the same boat with you. I believe my agoraphobia was brought on by many years of taking xanax--stay clear of that. Only time I get out is to get my meds, everything else is delivered. Not much fun. TV, computer, eat, and sleep and start the same routine over again the next day. My shrink seems to think he has all the answers. Not even close. Sorry to be such a downer to you. But I hope you soon can break free of this and I wish you nothing but the best.

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@Rick1955 you’re attaching imaginary danger to any discomfort, rick. start out doing things routines in part acts and then pat yourself on the back. I myself find shrinks degrading and they make me even worse because they make you delve, probe, and analyze and don’t emphasize simply moving your muscles with ruthless determination, indeed.

Lucy...you just described my whole world. At least you know your not the only one lol.

Do you have any pets? They can help. Until i got my dog i never left my flat. Now im out twice a day just walking her, its not much but its a start. I feel safer with my dog too.

@LiliTeng i have cats and a dog but my dog is kind of a prob … can’t really walk her she’s to aggressive when she sees other people or animals and she bigger then I am so can’t really control her …she just kinda a pain in the ass lol.

What kind of dog do you have? Lol my dog is kind of like that sometimes but i manage somehow haha. Have you tried to train her a bit? I'm sure if you looked into it you could find training tips/advice online. Maybe even some vids on youtube that could be helpful.

@LiliTeng german Shepard … she 4 and out of the puppy stage so training is like talk to a brick wall lol , my husband and i have both tried she is just set in her ways

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