I have no faith. How do i "build faith"?

I have no faith. How do i "build faith"?

Keep reading affirmations or positive quotes daily. Watch positive and inspirational programs on t.v and listen to them on the radio. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Remove everyone that is toxic out of your life. If it is a relative and you don't live with them, you don't have to surround yourself with them just because they are family. If they are toxic , it means they are a factor that can ruin you internally.

Same thing with friends or ppl you surround yourself with. If persons don't uplift you, then you have no need to communicate or have any relations with them (if you can help it).

All the affirmations , positive quotes and inspirational programs really do help me. I stop chasing ppl who show me they don't care about me. This makes my life a lot more simple and less stress.

You made a great choice in coming on this site asking for help. That's the first step in the right direction.

Apart from coming on this site to help myself and others, I listen to Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, T. D Jakes and Tony Evans. Their words of inspiration are so soothing; gives me a feeling of inner peace when I can find it outward.

I agree with TheRainbow. Are you asking about religion or spirituality?
For Christian positive pastors I like: Dr. Charles Stanley and Joel Osteen
For Spiritual/positive messages like affirmations: Louise Hays and Doreen Virtue have a big following with their positive messages.