I have no idea what the hell my body is trying to tell me...I have no idea what the hell my body is trying to tell

I have no idea what the hell my body is trying to tell me....in menopause...post menopause...what the hell am I. Even my GP can't be clear in what I am meant to be!!! All I know is I have not ever felt this low in my life...and it HAS to be the lack of hormones going on.
Why do some suffer and some do not?!!

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Oh Jan, that's a great question!! The more one exercises, the less symptoms, the better one eats... lean and light..the better their symptoms. Some of us have terrible reactions to the chemical estrogen around us. If you have been one entire 12 consequetive months without a cycle, you are in full menopause. If you still have a cycle, even if it is just one every here or there, you are perimenopausal. Have you read the 34 symptoms list?? How many of them do you have??? I think at one time, a couple of yrs ago, j had over 30 of them all at once!! Darned grateful to have gotten control over this! Hope tyo help anyone I can get thru it as well! Welcome to the group!

Hi Mechele...I haven't read the 34 symptoms list...I find them on here do I? I haven't had a good look around the site as I only just googled support forums for menopause and this page caught my eye and I posted up this question after having just come back from a disappointing GP appointment,
I haven't had a period for over 2 years..however I always was very light with my periods and the only time I did have periods was being on the pill and finally hrt of which I 'spotted' continually for the final 3mths and it was then that the GP said we will take you off if hrt to check nothing sinister is going on. It wasn't and that was February 2013!
I am so just scared of this low feeling...its like its controlling my life and I know this is not me. My personality is happy and bubbly...with the spats of fedupness here and there....but those moments were justified as in a reason for them. There is no reason for this feeling that's controlling my emotions right now.
Have you or anyone else reading this, taken St Johns Wort and what is your honest opinion on it. My GP has prescribed me anti depressants and I REALLY do not want to give in and take them :-(.
I am very happy to have found this group.

@Janjan62 good morning and so glad you found us!
First of all…here is the link to the 34 symptoms website
Second, I for one like doing all natural supplements before trying anything the DR likes to hand out…I have used St Johns Wort in the past and combined with 500mg magnesium and 2500iu of vitamin D3, can be quite helpful with depression!
I also use Natural Progesterone cream for all of these wonderful symptoms…helps sooooo much!! Ive been on it for 2 yrs with nothing but great improvement!! I too had the sickening depression so bad I couldn’t function and magnified frustration levels thru the roof!! I get the cream at Amazon.com and the brand name is Source Naturals… Hope all this helps you!!

Hope this helps…I may be gone form the site for a few days, so if I don’t answer you right away,. that’s why…Hope you stick around…GREAT SUPPORT HERE!!!

Hey mechele just reading back on yr suggestions.
My concern with using the progesterone cream...isn't that putting hormones back in me and therefore give me the symptoms back when I stop it?
I do get confused with this.

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@Janjan62 check out the book called “what your Dr may not tell you about menopause” by john Lee and Virginia Hopkins… This will turn the lightbulb on for you…sure did me!!! Glad to hear you are taking high dose of vitamin d…this will help depression greatly!! Hugs!