I have no one to talk to

Its a verry long story but I have no one to turn to no one to talk to. I'm a father my son is 3 months and my "girl" are always breaking up and trying to fix things but lately she's been talking to other guys on facebook she doen't hook up with them from my knowledge but it makes me extreamly nevrous that she wants them and it races threw my head everytime I find out she's talking to one of them I want more than anything no fix things between us I've fucked up alot in the past and I understand why she yells at me all the time but I try so hard to do everything right and keep us together. we both love eachother to death but irritate the hell out of each other we've been together for over a year engaged over a year. sometimes I'm so scared sad and nervous that she's gonna leave that I can't even hold my own son cas he feels it and balls his eyes out when I try to hold him making me more depressed I just want things to work. oh and I haven't eatten in 3 days cas I'm so stressed

Welcome to SupportGroups.com would be wise to discuss the issues w/her as communication is always key in relationships & yes children can sense everything which creates other issues later on in life for everyone so again talk about it w/her & lean on us when you feel no ones listening cause we are here.

Would be wise to just endure your sons crying when you hold him & do your best to not take it personal hes a baby & they do that alot of times, just walk around slowly, hum to him, talk to him about how much daddy loves him & the things your going to do together, walk outside w/him, keep your feelings in check, breathe in through your nose & out through your mouth, let that baby know that he IS SAFE w/daddy. Keep practising & eventually you'll be a natural & dont let anyone play on any insecuritites of the past that may exist.

All my strengths friend.