I have pcos what is the recommended diet

i need to find a diet plan to lose weight with pcos so i can try to have a baby. any help would be appreciated. thank you and god bless

I think you should speak to a real nutritionist because they can help you and are trained to help you come up with a healthy diet depending on your needs and they know which minerals you need more of to help carry a baby and what foods are better for you to loose weight but still be healthy. Try asking your doctor for a referral. That would be the best thing to do for your condition. I can tell you what I think is healthy but I'm not a trained nutritionist and I'm not a doctor to know too much about poly cystic ovary syndrome. Also, did you doctor give you any medicine for it? There are medications that help with it. I hope it works out for you and you can have your baby =) Good Luck!