I have posted this same message to three other boards I am o

I have posted this same message to three other boards I am on. ... I just want to let everyone know that it looks like I have a temporary summer school teaching job starting July 1 for the month. I am scared but so very happy to have a chance to teach and get the experience other than substituting and get it on my resume. ... I am still looking for the full time job at something. I have to have insurance and a good salary.

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Wow that is so wonderful! I think this is an amazing opportunity for you. I hope you keep us updating on how things go this summer. I'm sure you will have no problem finding something more permanent after this. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news.

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@healing _ hearts_survive that is great news! Congratulations and God bless. It will lead to bigger and better things:)

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Thank you very much. I am so very exited and trying to read so.

@healing heart. Congrats and look forward to moving onto bigger and better. Remember one step leads to another. Good luck.

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@sobe123 thank you

Good luck! Focusing your energies in a positive direction will help you in ALL aspects of your life!

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@MoonStone2 thank you and I’m trying