I have recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. For me,

I have recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. For me, one of the symptoms are terrible headaches (and what originally sent me to the doctor). These headaches are debilitating. Has anyone else dealt with this symptom? Once your levels were under control, was there any improvement? Did you take any supplements or OTC medications that helped with the headaches? I am almost a month in on tapazole and although the headaches are liveable, they are still impacting my work and home life. Thanks for any input!

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Yeah I get headaches too. That's one of the symptoms I have too. I was recently diagnosed in June..and I've only been on medication for a month. Honestly the only thing that the medication has helped with is my heart palpitations. I wish I could be more help...but you're not alone

Yes. I had horrible migraines. You know what it was for me...vitamin d deficiency. Most women with pcos are deficient. Vitamin d deficiency is complete hell. You don't realize it until you take your first mega dose of prescription vitmain d. Aftet i resaturated my cells with the meds my migraines are very few and far inbetween. If you're interested to learn more I can send you some links for info.

Thanks for the replies! Mngowan, I would appreciate the links. My email is [email protected].


Some of the links I sent are related to pcos. I’m sorry. I’m not sure if you have pcos. I also have hypothyroidism due to hashimoto thyroiditis autoimmune disorder. It goes hand in hand with pcos. That may be another route to look to. Most doctors completely miss that and so many women go undiagnosed. To get a diagnosis on pcos they have to check your levels of testosterone in your blood. Over insulin production in your body cause by pcos may also be a culprit of your headaches. Just so many things. But knowing you’re hypothyroid…vitamin d, thyroid issues, and possible pcos are something to look into for treatment of migraines. Until you find your diagnosis there is an option I tried and it helped so much…botox specially for migraines. They inject it into your head , temple and base of neck…not painful (and I’m a chicken when it comes to needles). Fda approved in 2010 so insurance should cover it. Just somethings to get you started in your search to cure your migraines. They are debilitating.