I have removed my last post do to HATE, thank you all who ca

I have removed my last post do to HATE, thank you all who care and have walked me out of the dark! Sg works because we are a family who support each other in a non hurtful way....people being there to up list other people..
"Don't look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up"

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Just a note to mrswsmith2012 that I was about to post before it got deleted (if you're okay with it. If not just let me know and I'll delete the comment):

There's a way to give constructive criticism and I think that being rude is NOT the way to do it. Some people can take the rudeness and learn what they can from it but I don't blame anyone for not wanting to deal with it. We come onto this site for encouragement and help. I think everyone should try to find out what are the ways of giving advice that each person responds to the best then tell them your thoughts that way, instead of making them mad. You may have something great to say but if you say it in the wrong way, people aren't going to want to listen.

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@NotThe99 Your fine…although not everyone wants advice, some just need to know others actually care… Just my 2 cents

It's called "support groups," not "judgy-judgy groups"! :)

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Love ya my friend, and don't hit me for saying so. ;)

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@turbulence I could kick your butt YW know…lol