I have severe Sleep Apnea. At times I have it under control,

I have severe Sleep Apnea. At times I have it under control, for months. At other times like now, I am barely sleeping and panic attacks are looming over head. I have a C-pap machine that I don't use. 75% of people that have a machine, don't use them. When I took my sleeping tests, I found out I stop breathing 55 times per hour. I've tried numerous masks. For myself and many people, they are to confining and claustrophobic. I work hard physical work. I come home exhausted and then can't sleep because my throat closes up. And my nose dries up. I've tried every type of nasal spray including prescription type. I hate the thought of trying to sleep, due to the fact I may stop breathing within seconds and jump up and have a panic attack. Which I handle much better than I used to. But still makes me not want to sleep, though I exhausted beyond words. So hear I am after midnight, typing and venting. Having had little sleep in many nights.

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I'm assuming you tried the soft nasal pillow type cpap? That one wasn't bad at all to me but the reason I couldn't continue was because I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep so anything can make that worse like sounds light I have to have things just right. I actually the the nasal one was very comfortable but just having something on me kept me awake or kept waking me up ugggh.

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@Fohb460 Between the machine noise, my breathing, the hose I have to worry about etc. I can’t use it. And it’s sad because it cost me nothing. I’m a Veteran and feel bad to have wasted the Tax Payers money on it and all the different masks. I feel for anyone with Apnea… it’s a horrible affliction.

I also have sleep apnea and never got used to the machine. I know people who say it's life changing, once you've gotten your full nights sleep with it. I just can't seem to get comfortable with it.

I will say, my weight has been up and down over the course of 10 years or more. I'm down about 30+ pounds right now, and don't have near as bad of symptoms.

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@jamiemaddrox2020 sadly, it’s not my weight. I would diet quickly if that were the case. I try to stay within 10Lbs of my normal weight. No, it’s my tongue that has enlarged and my nasal passages have narrowed. So both close up easily. I try to lay a certain way. I try to prop my pillow a certain way. Then I try to think of certain things to get my anxiety ridden mind off sleep. Whether it’s the days activities. My hobbies, a sexy gal I saw or whatever.
My cousin has several breathing problems. And thought a machine would help her too. After a month she had the same problem, she felt claustrophobic. One thing that really bothers me is, No energy for life in general. I love to go out into the hills with my dogs and prospect for Gold. Or go Gold panning and camping. Metal detecting or looking for old 1800 bottles or Indian Artifacts. Sometimes I’ll go for short, easy hikes just for the dogs. But none of it is easy without sleep.

Jamie, I live in North Central Az. Last night was not great, but not as bad as the past week. I did sleep about 5 hours....
And sure anytime you want to message me, go ahead.

Yes, same here.... my tongue is thicker too. I slept 7 hours last night..... THANK GOD!

@constructionjim mine is too. …weird huh? They looked at my tongue at the sleep dr appt.