I have some bad news. I had the scar treatment for the visi

I have some bad news. I had the scar treatment for the visible scars, they scanned me with this crazy machine that shows under your skin, it shows what you have and where it comes from also shows scarring that is under your skin if that makes sense, the scarring on my face I was going for the side of my face and my cheek has 1. So let's say I'm white I have a white face, they scan my face and whatever is red is scarring that is under my skin, and MY WHOLE FACE WAS RED WHY CANT ANYTHING IN MY LIFE GO RIGHT! I was just there to help the scarring, an acid thing that scabs up the holes and fills them in. They now put me on a pill, and put a bunch of chemical stuff on my face, this is why you don't want scars. It is hell to get rid off and it makes me so upset

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Sorry it's bad news. You have every right to be upset

I'm very upset, what a great early birthday present this was -_- what was the point of being put through hell trying to get the visible ones fixed if I just have a ton under my skin anyway that will probably end up being visible. Then the ones on my arm and the one when I broke my elbow, getting them all fixed but now that I learned my whole face is just a big scar, I hate myself

You shouldn't hate your body, it's the only one you have. Stuff happens and it really sucks some times but if your a good person things will work out. I'm sure you are beautiful just the way you are and all your scars are just different stories of your past.

@cupcake721 I have been as good as I can be, all it does is screw me over. I’ve grown to expect nothing good this way I don’t get excited something will work because there is always a catch to everything that is suppose to help. I hate my scarring, from things I’ve never done, 12 years old I got them, I’m 17 almost 18. School would have been torture if I wasn’t someone who wasn’t afraid of people. 200 needles. I’m going to need 10,000 now.

Your still young and your body can fix it self, doctors will tell you things so they can get money, and for school, it's hell for everyone, some people are just better at hiding it than others, and you will learn how to talk to people one day, just give it time.

I've had the scars for years. I don't think scarring can fix itself