I have to confess. I’ve been struggling already because th

I have to confess. I’ve been struggling already because the stress to continue eating the way I have with no cheating. 140 days today and I cracked. Why did I crack? Add on one too many stressors. A trigger.
I chose to eat pizza and numb myself because I wanted to forget. It’s working too.
It’s sad but I’m not the type to lash out at anyone in a malicious way that will hurt them, even if they hurt me, so I self inflict instead. I know now why I do this.
I don’t want the bad karma.
He really do reap what you sow. And if it’s not in this lifetime, it will be in another. So, I’m going to vent here instead and I will get better.

My dad is an old man who treated me badly and doesn’t respect me. I had another encounter with another old man who treated me the same. That’s making a long story short.

I knew what I was doing before I did it. I chose to do it and reset. I want a reset. Clean slate. Start fresh.

When I started eating this pizza, it tasted like cardboard. The taste is terrible. It’s only the cheese that is giving me a high because of all of the crap in there. And I knew what I was doing the whole time. And I did it knowing I don’t get any pleasure out of that taste. I know there’s no real quality in it. So it’s a one time deal. And I just keep you going forward.

Tomorrow I will get up and drink celery juice and I’ll do better than I did before. No bad karma for me.

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Most men are great. I am not going to deal with old men who don’t respect women. Or any man. And that is the case sometimes. They are a dying breed though. We are making so much progress.
Nostradamus was a male chauvinist. Bet you didn’t know that! LOL…

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Wow, not being insensitive to the situation, but please don't be to hard and strict on yourself. I understand the disappointment, but not the Grace you didn't allow yourself to have. Good news is you was very much in touch with yourself. I like the idea of reset, you've been on a roll with excellent input about nutrition. Well appreciated thank you!

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I’m sorry had bad experience lately… don’t let this lil hiccup get you too down! You’ve been doing such hard work, just gotta get back in the routine!

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Thank y’all!
I was saying to V, I look at it like I just ran a race. So no problem. I’ll take a breather and start another one.

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Hugs Lolly.
I need a reset too.
In my celebration of getting under 200, I ate two cupcakes earlier. I ate two more since then. And they weren't even that good.
We should rally for tomorrow. If we get into trouble come get support.
I usually have only me to lean on. I'll come by tomorrow often for anyone needing some help.
There are more cupcakes left [throwing them out is not an option] so I need a good useful distraction.
We can do this!

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@Inmylittlerroom OK. I’m ready. :slight_smile:
You definitely don’t need the cupcakes or any of that dead food. Let’s get live food in our bodies. And steamed potatoes are good as well.
I had to splurge on this new steamer from Amazon. Will work great to make in bulk.
The more planning and prepping we do, the easier it is to stay on track.
So I buy a few bags of potatoes every time I go to the store. I make a whole bag of potatoes and put them in my fridge so they’re there at all times when I’m ready.
If you want to know about the steamer I’ll give you the link.
And if you want to start with an air fryer to make fries with no oil, you can do that too. The idea behind the potatoes are so you can stay away from the wheat. (Feeds bugs) And while we are transitioning, we need something to grab for comfort food. Everybody loves fries. Just leave off the oil.

Found an ant going after those cupcakes last night.
The ants can have them. I don't care. Feeling a little sick this morning, almost like a hangover. Don't want to eat anything. My body is rebelling.
No more cupcakes.

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Does anyone have digestion probs?

Found jello, yogurt, and glutamine helps.
Jello for the gelatin, yogurt for good bacteria, and glutamine for it’s… well, glutamine.
Everyone knows the benefits of yogurt. Hospitals serve jello for the gelatin.
Glutamine is good for the intestines.
I HAD chronic diarrhea my entire adult life until last year. Glutamine to the rescue! I don’t have diarrhea anymore. Wish I knew about it when I was 20. Could have saved a small fortune in diapers.

Lolly, how are you doing today?
Good or bad please let us know.

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Beautiful day today! Sun is shining. Around 70 degrees. First nice day in a very long time. The rains yesterday put out the wildfires. So we can see blue sky without any smoke.

have eaten 1 granola bar, had 1 protein shake, 2 sugar-free jello, and water (so far, so good). Am back on track.

What's say you Lolly? How's your day so far?

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Nap time.

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@Inmylittlerroom hi there. So sorry it took me so long to check in. I literally had to detox for over 24 hours.
I had a headache and was not well energetically.
I’m going to use my three little Chihuahuas as an example. They always eat what I do and they poop a lot. They ate what I did again and they did not poop. They were lethargic when usually they are bouncing off the walls. Well, I felt the same feelings.
I’m back. And I’m ready to reset. Yesterday was part of my detox so it’s all out of me.
And I’m re-focusing on my real mission.
It’s a new life.
The old one is gone. Can’t go back.

what is a spiritual teacher?


Life coaches seem to help some people. Saw them in action on TV. Was very interesting.