I have to control my jealousy

I have to control my jealousy.

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Me too.

Did you mess up with your boyfriend?

I messed up and questioned my girlfriend on the phone. I have to stop this because I will loose her. Thanks for listening.

Me too. It got to the point where I'll tell him to wear sunglasses and a hoodie whenever he's out & I have asked him not to go to certain places. It's always like that. I think this is not normal but i just dont know what else to do. I can not control my extreme jelousy cuz I really think he'll like other pretty girls...

You guys have to find activities to do together. You also, have to find the root of your jealousy.. Your triggers, your insecurities. Once you have this uber awareness, now you can catch the episode while or before it's happening. It's just like watching a bad program on TV.. What do you do? You change the channel.. Another important thing is discuss the discoveries you make with your partner, because at times he'll notice, and he'll change the channel. I wish you the best and I am far from perfect because at times I drop the remote before changing the channel. Now I do recommend professional counseling cause this led me to the personal insight and understanding that I have... Plus it's not nice to ask your boyfriend to wear hoodies and sunglasses. If a girl looks at him that should be a badge of honor in your heart. Technically we should be happy during theses moments. Peace out from one suffering person to another,
Ian Gee