I have to have ambien to sleep

I am what you would say addicted to Ambien and Lunesta, I take both though not at the same time but I rotate them around. I have been taking these meds for almost a year. They say that they are not addictive and your not really suppose to be on them for a long period of time...well I have tried to not take them and I do not sleep, and with all my anxieties I really need something, I have 3 children to care for I have to be a mommy...and mommies need to be sain, not insain. I am better now at taking my meds and going to bed, but if I stay up I do stupid things, and have absolutely no recollection of any of it, unless someone else saw me do it and told me about it I can most the time remember...I dont drink alcohol, and have never did any drugs, but now I am a addict...a addict to sleep meds, and still yet like tonght they arent working...I am cluless on what to do, I have took all kinds of meds...and Ambein is the only med that helps...

Hi Mom4life, I can understand not being able to sleep from anxiety and stress, though can you possibly try a sleeping pill that's maybe less intense than ambien? Is lunesta a bit better? I've heard all of the crazy things that people do while on ambien and it is pretty scary; therefore, did your doctor prescribe lunesta as a better option?

I've been taking sleeping pills now for 6 months and I've tried to sleep numerous times without them, and I simply can't. So, the question comes down to; is it worse to take sleeping pills and get a good night's rest or to have sleepless nights without them and be a mess the next day...well, I chose sleeping pills. For now, while life is stressful, I have to do what I have to do in order to get some rest. I wish that I could help you through this, but I find myself in the same predicament, although I take over the counter sleeping pills.

I will work on weening myself off of them and can hopefully give you better help.

actually the lunesta was doing just fine, I was doing good on it, and then I ran out and our insurance changed at the begining of the year, and since Lunesta doesnt have a generic they would fill it until my doctor called to override it....????? all so confusing to me, and so then they filled it, it was gonna cost me 150.00 haha yeahh right, I am not gonna pay that, cant afford it! So I was without my Lunesta for a week or so, during that time I was taking Ambien and me and my husband got things worked out so I could get my Lunesta back, we still had to pay 130.00 but it was out of our insurance acct. we have to meet a certain amt of money...a deductible. Now that I have my Lunesta, it isnt working like it was, I dont get sleepy, its like I havnt took anything...and I feel real groggy the next day...it is horrible! So I am back to taking Ambien, it helps but I wish I didnt have to take it! But I have tried very hard to wean myself off, and I just cant. I am dependent on them! I am sorry you have trouble sleeping too, people need sleep to function, and going through hard times and stress makes it even worse! But a little advice, go ahead if at all possible and start to wean yourself off the over the counter sleep aids, but do it slowly so your body can adjust...go ahead now before you have to get the stronger sleep aids because its even harder with the stronger ones. And I am sending possitive vibes right back at you!! And thanks for just talking to me...I need that!

Thank you so much for the positive vibes and great advice about weening myself off of my sleeping pills. At this stage, with everything that you have going on, I would say that good sleep over-rides getting off of the sleeping pills all together. Though, if you doctor can give you something less potent, then maybe that's a good way to go. Also, try to cut caffeine, especially after morning time, don't exercise late in the day, and try to have an hour of total relaxation before bedtime. As well, if you can write out all that is on your mind before you sleep, then that helps ease your mind.

Something that might be potentially beneficial is an amino acid called L-ORNITHINE. It assists in skin health, liver regeneration, and treating insomnia/promoting restful sleep. I have used it several times, and it worked extremely well. Plus, it makes you healthier by helping to detoxify the bloodstream. It can be purchased online or at GNC, or vitamin stores like GNC.
Wishing you both the best of the best!

Thank you optimistic for the advice...I will look into that. ;)

Also, "puppydoglvr" I do not drink any caffeine, or exercize, and I do relax before sleeping, I am usually on here, and I used to write out my feelings but I have stopped that, and am on here more...so I kinda am getting my feelings out still...but thank you so much for the advise! You are such a caring and kind person, I have read alot of your post and comments and you are such a amazing support system for many many people. And to be going through things yourself, and to still be so positive, send very good vibes to me!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Mom4life, I can't thank you enough for your kindest and sweetest words to me, they put a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much for that.

And, I am so thrilled that you are here with us and so happy to hear that writing out your feelings here has been therapeutic. Please keep sharing, we are here for you.

I'm with you when it comes to sleeping, if I don't take the ambian I don't sleep, I feel so much better the next day if I get some sleep, so I take one every night, so I suppose I'm addicted to them....what are you suppose to do??? Either lay awake and have an anxiety attack or take a pill and sleep....

Wow Shakyjan5, reading your comment really resonated with me, because I feel the exact same way. I take a Unisom virtually every night and feel that I have now become addicted. Is it addiction or is it a choice? Is it a choice to get a good night of sleep when you know that you won't otherwise. For me, I have to choose between taking a sleeping pill and getting a good night of sleep so that I can function the next day OR have sleepless nights and wear my health and well-being down. It feels good to know that there are others going through what I am going through, because I tend to feel alone in it sometimes.