I have trouble with how I feel about telling people I'm tran

I have trouble with how I feel about telling people I'm trans. Even now I don't feel like posting this because then it's evident to others that I am trans. I feel like I am seen different if I say I'm a trans male. Like its telling people I'm "not male." I have a feeling similar fear when people I knew before recognize me. People say I don't look that different from before and it honestly hurts. I went through all this just to be told I'm the same. I think this is also why I'm afraid to talk to new people. I don't want them to know that I'm different. why do I have to go through all this to be "normal" just to tell people I'm not. Everyone I've meet has asked what my pronouns are, and while I appreciate it, it also makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. With most males you don't really have to ask their pronouns because it seems obvious, so why does it not seem obvious for me. Why does everyone have to ask specifically me? Why should I have to clarify it? It seems like such a give away to me. Having to tell people my pronouns seems like a give away to the fact that I'm not "normal." I feel uncomfortable having to clarify but I know that If I don't they're going to keep asking thus bringing more attention to it. I know people asking is inevitable and it makes me a tad angry. Why can't I just live without any questions about the way I'm living.

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Just as a clarification, I'm not saying that being trans isn't normal because it completely is normal. I just don't like the label of being "different" from any other male. (hopefully that makes sense, I'm not exactly sure how to put this feeling into words.)

That would be hard to deal with. Do you have any lgbtqt friends? See if you have a PFLAG group near you.

@Fohb460 Most of my friends are lgbtqt, however I sadly don’t talk to them much. I’m not sure of any PFLAG groups where I live (if I’m being honest I had to google what PFLAG was.)

I have a similar experience, and its not required for you to tell everyone youre trans, im also ftm and no one in my school or class (45 people) have the slightest clue im trans. And about the pronoun thing, i think it really depends, like where i live its pretty normal to ask everyone their pronouns but i understand what you mean. If you ever need someone to share experiences with you just hmu and we can have a chat

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