I have watched my 13 year old son go through the pain of dep

I have watched my 13 year old son go through the pain of depression and Anxiety for 3 years. After him being on SSRI's for 2 1/2 years I noticed they really weren't helping him. He was still getting depression, having mood swings and getting anxiety attacks. So with the advice of his psychiatrist, my son got off his SSRI. The two months it took to get off his medication was hell he had brain zaps, didn't want to leave his room. He would pace and feel uneasy. He was also experiencing headaches. After researching all the withdrawal symptoms from being on a SSRI, I knew I never wanted him on those drugs again! After being off the SSRI for 2 months, he was still having bad withdrawal symptoms so I decided to do some more research and started seeing a couple of vitamins constantly come up to help with anxiety and depression. They were fish oil and magnesium. My son has been on 1000mg of fish oil and 100mg of magnesium everyday (nothing else) for 2 1/2 weeks and I've have already seen an improvement in his moods!! He is laughing again!! He participates in family activities!! I also started taking it for the heart benefits and noticed that I didn't get my usual anxiety/mood swings that I get during my menstruation. Instead I felt normal and didn't even realize it was already that time of the month! The dosages are what I give my son, check with the people at the vitamin shop for a good dosage for you. I am not advising anyone to stop their current meds, I am just letting you know what helped for my son maybe this can help someone out there who isn't happy with their meds! Good luck!

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This is a wonderful post. Thank you for the information. Glad your son is doing better! Take care of yourself! *hugs* ;)