I haven't been formally diagnosed, but I am sure I have Aspe

I haven't been formally diagnosed, but I am sure I have Asperger's. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7, but when I learned about Asperger's for the first time, it FIT! I've never had friends for longer than a year, I am extremely sensitive to textures and certain sounds, I don't feel like I connect with people, I had HORRIBLE meltdowns as a child and still do to some extent (There are a lot more things I could list)...But sometimes I feel like maybe I'm just a failure. I want to get formally diagnosed but it's too expensive. My husband and my mother know but don't understand why I want to be diagnosed (my husband agrees that I probably have it). I just feel like maybe if someone in authority says, "Yes, you're right. You have Asperger's", maybe I won't feel like I'm crazy and overreacting. Maybe then I can look at it and say, "There's a reason I'm this way. It has a name." I think then maybe I can stop feeling like a freak and a failure...

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I'm just ranting...

@EllieOnUkulele By the way, I took this test: Take the Autism Test | WIRED
I got a 44…I was really honest and don’t feel I skewed my results. I have taken another test before and also scored high on that one, but I don’t remember which one it was.

I can relate, I only found out I had it recently. I had actually been tested as a child. But I didn't find out until college when they made me get the name of my condition from my doctor. I had a learning disability growing up, but never knew what it was.

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