I haven't checked in in a few weeks. My goal of buying no ne

I haven't checked in in a few weeks. My goal of buying no new stuff and having no packages coming in by the new year didn't work. It has slowed to a trickle though. In trying to quit shopping I tried a couple tecniques. I tried to only buy stuff for other people or to just buy used items so as to not contribute as much to the huge amount of waste created (and save money). Neither of these really worked. I bought new and used items, stuff for other people and also for me. I have a list of what is on the way. Right now it is only a few makeup items from Amazon. I almost bought more stuff several times but I hated to add anything new to that list. I'd like that list to have nothing on it and stay that way. I also tried to place an order yesterday and my internet wasn't working or something because it wouldn't go through. I saw that as a sign and didn't try more than twice. I feel like someone was trying to give me a sign and I listened.

We are going through older posts on our site and wanted to check in our members we haven’t seen for awhile, how are you doing? How can we best support you? -SG