I havent had a seizure since i was 15 .then recently ive had

I havent had a seizure since i was 15 .then recently ive had 3 and the first 1 was mager . They didnt think I would come through it but I'm here . Ive tried every meds out there to help control them . Idk what else to try

Oh honey. Its terrible when your brain doesn't get along with you. I'm glad you made it through. Your neurologist doesn't have any more ideas? How about a service dog? Then at least you have time to get someplace safe.

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Thank u . Whats a service dog? She's never mentioned them before. We have only tried meds.i live alone and have ppl come around every hr but between the hours anything can happen.

A service dog is trained to detect seizures before they happen and notify you so you have time to get to a chair, bed, some place safe. Hope it works

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Thanks @Namaste250 I’ll look into it with my doctor


This link to info on Nerve Stimulation may help as well, I had one fitted 6 years ago and when I was bad it helped.