I haven't posted on here in a little but i need your guys ad

I haven't posted on here in a little but i need your guys advice, strength, and encouraging words. I have met someone a little older than me. He is in the medical field for work so I am sure he knows of herpes and all the risks. but we have been talking and kissing. I still haven't told him and won't sleep with him until he knows. i have genital herpes and would like to tell him. We are planning dinner and me sleeping over soon and i am nervous but i plan on telling him after dinner while sipping on hot tea. I fear rejection but he seems so into me.

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You're doing the right thing my disclosing your status to him! I truly wish you the best and hope that he is understanding and still sees you for who you are. Hopefully we'll hear back from you some good news! Just prepare yourself for either possible outcome everything will be okay!

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@Clar3b3ll90 we are now dating :slight_smile:

i am and i will let you know how it goes

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I am just scared I am misreading his feelings for me

He is staying with me and we are now dating!!!!

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I am very happy for you. There are still good and understanding people out there.

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@Heart77 thank you soon much!