I haven't seen my dad in a year and I feel like he hates me.I haven't seen my dad in a year and I feel like he hates

I haven't seen my dad in a year and I feel like he hates me. I've been cutting before, I stopped though because I got a boyfriend and he was the sweetest guy ever, and he made me so happy, but we started fighting a lot, and he started being really rude, and mean to me. He knew I was cutting and what I was going through, and he wanted to break up and he told me to kill myself. So I started cutting again, and I don't know what to do and I need help.

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don't cut...talk to people when u feel down a counseillor..you must talk to ur dad ..tell him that u miss him and love him.. if u are very stressed out take deep breaths, go out, exercise , clear ur mind. leave ur bf and look for some counseillor to talk to.. we are there to support you

As someone whose dad left her 5 years ago when i was only 11, do what you feel is right and worth it when it comes to your dad. i had to grow up fast and hard because of this and i hate him for everything he caused me and for what he has (or should i say hasnt) done but honestly if you want to have a relationship with him then you have to start to build it back because waiting five year will make you angry and hateful towards him and others too and this is me speaking from personal experience, im not going to tell you to stop cutting because i know how hard that can be but dont let the actions of one a-hole ruin you as a person because nobody, not even your dad, is worthy of that. the fact that you have identified that you need help is amazing and you should feel pride in that but leave him, his actions towards you are border line abusive and you dont need or deserve that so the help i suggest for you is to help yourself get rid of the negativity in your life and make amends if you want to not because you have to and be strong be proud be you. all the best for you and may your journey be spiritual