I honestly want to study in art academy, once I finish high

I honestly want to study in art academy, once I finish high school, but I'm anxious if I'll get approved or not. We did have a little bit of research and it said that the average grades shouldn't be less than 6. At one point I'm terrible at maths and I think there's a small chance for me to study in art academy (I hope they won't have to check my math grades in the future). And the worst thing about studying in art academy, is that you have to pay like maximum thousands of euros per month, at least that's what I remember reading those files from their official website.

Ok, so math isn’t your favorite subject, wasn’t mine either but I made it through a 2 year college program including taking Physics and graduated with honors. You can do it! Math was so difficult in hs for me that I needed to be tutored to pass with a C. Are there any scholarships that you could apply for?

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@starship I honestly don’t know. It’s not that I’m also bad at math, but I’m also horrible at writing essays (Lithuanian essays). On the official art academy website, it said that they would look at some grades, like English (which I’m very good at it), math, history, Lithuanian and art. I still have a lot to think about.