I hope everyone is doing well. Just wondering if any of my o

I hope everyone is doing well. Just wondering if any of my old friends are still on here. I think about you guys all the time. Life is good, even after going through hell.

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Glad to hear things are finally going well for you.

eddie Hi eddie. Don't know if you recall me. I am the lady who was married to a narcissist man who had been married 8 times. I'm glad things are going well for you. Hope the kids are doing good. In so many ways my second divorce changed me and my life. I found faith which is like a miracle. I have been able to clean up and rebuild my family relationships which is so important. Even though life is good, it's seems it's never perfect. We have to keep working on things all of the time. God bless you and your family.

@mmadlecl Yes, I remember. I’m glad things are going well. I know many of us thought this was the end of the world, but we made it. Here we are to prove that there’s life after this stuff. Keep it up!!!

Hey, I remember all you guys. eddie, I have popped in from time to time looking to see any updates from you and others I knew before. I love and miss you all. I'm all-around like-100 times happier, since last time we talked, though I still have my moments. Like this morning for example, I had a good cry. It is best to accept how things are, looking forward, not back. Forgiveness is the better option. I'm glad we could still check in now and then. I never forget you guys, ever.

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So glad you’re doing this well, eddie. You went through a lot of H*LL.

Hey, welcome back! Things are doing good, I suppose. Glad to see you're doing well. Anything new happened recently?

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@KidDJ more than I can post. But I’m managing everything and working harder than ever to take care of these kids.

hey I hope all is well bro I'm still here sometimes

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eddie, how is everything going? Are you still with your Ukrainian woman? Did you get married yet? How are the kids?

Heyyy Eddie. And miss seeing all of your familiar names. Life has pretty much evened out for me. Been in the dating world for a couple years now, but not a whole lot of luck. Which is fine. It is what it is. I have friends, family, etc. to enjoy life with in the meantime. Got back into a home versus an apartment, which helped me feel less isolated. Been doing some traveling and such.

Scat - glad you are feeling better!

I'm not good with keeping up with this anymore but I wanted to drop by at least.

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@Iristoiris Thank you. And I remember you too. You went through a lot. I often think about how well you took things, despite your lot in life. I was really proud of you and still am. You came through. Awesome!!!

Where did you travel?

@CKBlossom hope everything is going well.

Well it was good seeing old friends on here I’m glad things are going well Eddie you seem to have found your peace with in the amazing well that’s good

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I love all you guys and want to cry tears of joy because of how we all made it through together. You all were such a great support and I will never forget that. I hope we can check in later and keep up.

Hey bro, you know that i am here and always am around glad to know things are okay, hope all is well with all of our friends here too.

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@Magi2112 Hey, I hope everything is well for you. : )