I hope this information is helpful to someone… My mother

I hope this information is helpful to someone… My mother was hospitalized on Christmas and was told that she had end stage COPD along with Lung cancer. The doctor told us that there was nothing they could do for her and that she did not have much time before God calls her home. My mother was placed on hospice and we begin to work on funeral arrangements. Two weeks into home hospice, a family friend told her about an herbalist in Maryland that helped her daughter that had end stage lung cancer and I am happy to report that she is back to work. My mother meets with the herbalist and changed her diet and took on a different meal plan that included green smoothies and coffee cleanings. I know this sounds crazy but she is out of the bed, no longer using a walker and is scheduled to come off hospice services. There are alternative medications that are keeping people alive.

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amen to that.

Sarah!! How WONDERFUL for you and your mother!! I will pass this along to our group! Could you share the name of her herbalist and the specific treatment she is using?? That would be sooo helpful!! Thanks again and CONGRATS TO YOUR MOTHER and YOU!

Hello Michele...hope u r having a good day...can u email and I will send u all the information...my email address is [email protected] to hear from you soon...

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@4004Sarah absolutely!! THANK YOU!!