I join the group for advice and support because I believe my

I join the group for advice and support because I believe my daughter is addicted to adderall. She seems to not believe me when I tell her my research and that she is dealing with side effects of adderall. She is paranoid, hyper focused -- never gets anything accomplished. I think she is having psychotic epsoides, ppl breaking in her house pulling furniture out from wall. Saying things are stolen finding them lately. She has driven everyone away. It's even hard to explain that part.

How old is she?

I totally get her driving people away. My daughter is 24 and won't admit but I'm sure she is addicted to adderall. It's killing me to watch her. She is like a wilting flower pushing everyone out, lying about everything, and falling hard at whatever she does. I want to help her so bad but she will hear nothing of it. What do I do??

That means her dose is too high or she's taking too much.

I'm in recovery but I've been an addict since 16. From what it sounds like she is struggling. First of all, I need to say that the sooner a person can set the drugs down from when they begun the easier it will be for them to say clean. The longer a human abuses narcotics the more and more dependent EMOTIONALLY they become and the more dependent THEIR BRAIN becomes on substances to function. So I urge you to do what you can to intervene more soon than later. With that being said I should bring up that you may want to be sure her behavior is due to Adderall abuse. Her symptoms are textbook schizophrenia. It is not unheard of or even rare for teenagers to begin to show symptoms. If she is abusing drugs, you should be prepared, you will most definitely have a long process helping her through this. Unless you've caught her soon enough in addiction where her mind will bounce straight back after a week or so of clarity. She very well may not understand what addiction is or what it's like to be addicted even if she is in it, she may fully understand but cares about the drugs more than sober life or how her addiction affects you, she may not even be fully cognoscente from the drug use. Join the group on this site called ''Dads and Moms of Addicts''. Aside from this site all you would have to do is Google "Mothers of Addicts". I'd be $100 right now that you'll be able to find another Mother who has dealt with a situation entirely identical to yours. There's a great chance getting her help will be a battle, and it's known in the World of Addiction that the process of trying to get them to treatment and keeping them clean is difficult. Having gone through addiction myself and living clean now I want to say above all, the second most important thing you can do aside from getting them help is continue to love them and be by their side waiting to help, no matter what they might do, how they may hurt you, how they lie cheat steal. Those who struggle the most to get clean and those who NEVER get clean have been given up on by family. I wish you the best, and from the deepest part of my heart I hope for your sake and hers that everything works out just fine.

Thanks for talking to me. Right now I can't be there for her. I have tried really hard. But it's gotten to a point I want to run screaming when I am near her. I cannot explain that part. It is frustrating that she listens to my advice, agrees and does not do anything she says she will. It hard to bite my tongue. I can barely hang on financially. That's not fair. I have every right to put back for my retirement.
I do understand about her needing family. But she had pretty much gotten down to just me left. And I fading.
Did u lose relationships?
Omg this is so hard.
I sure u are right. And maybe I will find that other mother and she will know what I'm going thru. Thanks again for sharing

@pbberry also she is 41 years. She has been on adderall for 10 years. She was prescribed that for chronic fatigue. Her so called doctor loves to prescribe meds for symptoms. Cymbalta, Colopin, Xanax gabapentin tramadal and one for thyroid. Not sure that’s all. And she adds alcohol sometimes or pot