I just disrupted a 6 month binge free period where I experie

I just disrupted a 6 month binge free period where I experienced a 'normal mind' on food, meaning I didn't think about it every second, think about how whatever I am eating is affecting my appearance and weight, and feel completely hopeless. Today I binged. It brought back all of those old feelings of worthlessness, feeling totally bloated, and again hopelessness. Even though I 'relapsed' and can feel myself falling back to old habits and urges I can't control that feel so overwhelming. But one thing I do know: dealing with binge eating on a daily basis is now way to live. How can we truly experience all the great things about life when our minds are on food 95% of the time? The answer is we can't. But that doesn't mean it is not possible. It is 100% possible and these last 6 months proved that for myself. Anyone else experience relapses after long a period of feeling normal and good?

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6 months is amazing, don't let your relapse define your progress, you can do this!

Congratulations on your six months of being binge free. It's impressive that you were also essentially free of disordered thinking as well. I'll just remind you that relapses are part of an individual's recovery. Try to get back on track as soon as possible and enjoy another extended binge free period. For your learning, what do you think caused your latest binge? What was going on at the time? What was your thinking when you reached for the food?