I just don't feel good enough. My family doesn't like me, an

I just don't feel good enough. My family doesn't like me, and even though I fix everything they say is wrong with me they still gripe about me being depressed. They yell at me instead of comforting me when I cry. I tried to kill myself and I was yelled at. Im in a new place where I don't have any friends. I've been here for six months and I have never felt so alone. I feel like no one has my back.

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ask ur family what they want of you. don't fix things ..do what they say. that will help you come closer to family... as for friends, don't look for great friends in the beginning. just go for ones who are plaeasant to talk to. the good ones are always hidden. you don't get them so fast. its like love .to get good things u have to go through a pile... just be friendly around,,,,,,, goodluck...

It sounds like they have no idea HOW to support and comfort you. I'm sure the whole family needs counseling to help with communication and troubles that everyone is having. I wonder if they would be open to that?

@Error101 I’m open to new friends (:

I volunteer to be your friend. I am also a bit lonely since I moved from my old home, so we can talk <3

@akl7196 okay thank you(:

We'll always be here for you. As to your family, depending on how bad it is, cutting ties is not necessarily a bad thing. I've seen this before, where they devalue you and nothing you do is good enough for them. Sometimes families can be toxic and some people just have bad families. My advice is family counseling.

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@sherbertglasses as soon as I turn 18 that’s what I want to do but right now I’m stuck and can’t go anywhere

@Error101 yay I’m so happy to hear that, there is gonna be triggers everywhere it’s learning how to deal with them in the right way

@Error101 yea I’m the same way it doesn’t matter if I’m a alone or with someone it still happens, see idk the answer to that I’m wondering the same thing as well I’m not anything either

@Error101 it’s good to have someone that understands what your going through i know, you know you do feel alone like nobody understands you and whet you go through it’s hard, I’m telling staying busy helps a lot i know i have too or I’m in trouble

im glad that we are very good friends too, okay have a very safe flight and i'll talk to you soon