I just feel like I need a lot of support at this point to

I just feel like I need a lot of support at this point to help me make baby steps in regaining control of my life again. To talk me through and help me believe in myself agan.

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It's so scary to see how easily an eating disorder can consume your life. I've been struggling with eating for 3 years now. I go back and forth between anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. I can't remember the last time I ate something without it analyzing it.

I know exactly how you feel because I am overcome with guilt each and every time I eat something. It consumes every thought.

@BB22 Welcome BB. What groups are you a member of here? I have seen some very intuitive and helpful suggestions on the ED group. If you’re not a member there, please join and check them out. The road ahead of you will be challenging but so worth it. At least you have found your way to the road now. Wishing you great and complete success

I am a member of the ED, bulimia, and depression groups. Thank you and it's a hard battle but it has to begin with the first step. I am trying so hard to start my recovery and reaching out is a much needed leap in the right direction. Thank you for making me feel welcome, it really helps

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You can do it.

Your positivity is great, thanks!!

I did it. After 30 years that means you can do it. Thank God I have this group. People who do understand and NEVER JUDGE

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I feel so list as to where to begin to try and change. It's become such a automatic response, I feel lost without it. I can't remember the last time I went a day or even a meal without??

Been there. It was vicious cycle starting in evening. Try tapering off and didn't work. So when I started to feel physically ill I knew I had to end cold turkey. It's been 3 months or more and I haven't purged once. Iam not going to lie it is very difficult. Still every evening. So I stay away from kitchen eat lots of vegetables. I read a lot. Watch shows. Listen to music. Anything to take my mind of food.

That is awesome!! Congratulations!! I have done it before for a couple years but this time is devaistational for me. I can't seem to find my way up.

How long have you had that awful disease

For over 17 years. It's such a heart wrenching disease.

Been over 30 years for me. It's evil and dark disease. Constantly fighting with yourself. Guilt alone is worst

I love knowing that someone else fees tthe same way I do. It seems regardless of what you do or how you try to justify what you're doing you still are overridden with guilt.

Did the people close to you know and support you?

None did. Just made me feel very guilty. But think of yourself first

The one closest to me knows and doesn't make me feel guilty but does nothing to encourage me to change.

My husband knew but I think it was convenient for him because it kept me busy and he could make me feel guilty constantly

I just feel so ashamed of having this disease and so weak of not being able to beat it.