I just found out I have herpes and I don't know anything abo

I just found out I have herpes and I don't know anything about it. I feel dirty and ashamed and devastated. Will I get outbreaks on my mouth? I'm so sad. I'm only 20.

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What type were you diagnosed with

@Heart77 they did a culture but I don’t know yet. I started taking acyclovir but they didn’t specify if it matters how long to space out each dose per day. I have been crying for 2 hours.

Do you have any outbreaks now? If you do, where are they located? Do you know if you have HSV 1 or HSV2? You can go to herpes.com to get a lot of information. You are not alone on this. There are many people here that will help you. Feel free to ask any questions, Welcome to SG

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@ColaWars yes I have an outbreak on my labia. :frowning: I’ll check out the website. thanks.

If you take the medicine twice a day it should be 12 hours apart. Educations about the virus is very important. In time it really does get better

my bottle says five times a day for seven days. that's so ridiculous.

It's an older medicine but it should still work. I have read on here that a lot of people are on that

take the medication as your doctor has directed. everyone's case is different therefore you need to do what is right for your situation. you may not need to stay on medication there are other ways in which you can prevent outbreaks with supplements such as lysine and other herbal remedies. keeping your immune system healthy is a key to preventing outbreaks and there is no reason why you cannot lead a normal life with you if you just have to manage the situation and take precautions to prevent spreading

I feel your pain @jrl1.. I found out I had it 2 months ago and I'm 19.. Still something hard for me get used too I try to just block it out so I don't stress about because I've read it causes another outbreak. I'm kind of new here myself so if anything if you need someone to talk to I'm here

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