I just found out I've been diagnosed with HSV2. To start I f

I just found out I've been diagnosed with HSV2. To start I feel emasculated and embarrassed- I don't feel like the man I was because I'm not. I've never cheated which i guess makes this even more upsetting because I've been on and off with a girl for the past 4 years. In that time I've only had two other partners but was only with her while we were in the relationship. I have to tell her now and I can't even begin to know how to do that. I love her more than I know how to express and she trusts me more than she has with anyone else. I felt like our relationship was taking a turn for the next big step and I got this news. I'm completely destroyed because how could she ever understand or know that I never slept around on her. I have no idea what I'm going to say and my frustrations and anger and sadness are through the roof. I don't know who to be mad at or how I'm ever going to over come this. I'm so angry with myself and this situation because it's never going to go away.

I know I have to tell her, but I can't even bring myself to tell my close friends or brother because I'm so embarrassed. Does anyone have any advice on how to break this to someone you love and are in a relationship with? This is so devastating.

The stigma makes you emberrased. You'll learn soon that's all it is a stigma. Herpes isn't bad. I think you should just be honest but put your thoughts together. Tell her common it is, how your sad, how you want more w her and hope she can stay by your side to figure things out. Take it one step at a time.

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Its very common. Most people are carriers and never have symptoms. Just let them know you were faithful and you are having difficulty with disgusted feelings. There are things that help the virus lay dormant such as taking l lysine daily. Believe me the embarrassment will fade just hang in there.

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Is there anyway she gave it to you?

There is always that possibility. But there is no sure way to know it seems, I'm correct right? there's no sure fire way of knowing who it came from?

Either way at this point i'm more concerned with how she'll take the news and what my next steps are gonna be- I mean I'm still in disbelief that this is actually happening to me. It doesn't seem real.

It can lay dormant for years but it can also appear within 2 to 20 odd days after contact ie after sex. Some blood tests can tell you how long you had it. It does feel like a bad dream but gets easier with knowledge. You cant control her reaction. Just have the info if she has questions. I guess she will wonder if you cheated, if you knew and never told her.

Well I did just find out, but I haven't told her yet because she's been traveling for work. I hope to have some sort of plan on how I am going to break this to her; I just don't know how yet.

Tell her how it is. Tell her you recently found out and you have never had an outbreak until now so its a complete shock. Once she responds you can go from.there.