I just found out

My best friend just informed me that she has been on meth for 8 mo. She has been out of work for nearly 2 years, has been selling items to have enough money for bills, christmas has made it tough..I have seen her downward spiral, but attributed it all to depression, her boyfriend (who made the drug avail to her), being increasingly agitated at her for not working and "sitting around all day not doing anything, and yelling at her children from the bedroom and not participating in anything, and not having any goals." Their relationship has been strained for months now, and I blindly thought it was depression, anxiety, her difficulty trusting men because of all the ones in the past who have let her and her children down....her massive illnesses in the past 2 years. She has had a huge weight drop too. Her boyfriend also is always incresasingly agitated and does NOTHING but sleep, and blames everything on her. She hasn't been as happy about her kids, and they are her life. She has some intestinal thing that causes her to throw up blood, she already has dental issues, and has existing issues from a weight loss surgery she had years ago. I saw her weight drop and never thought THIS was contributing. I thought it was all due to stress and H Pylore (sp?). I thought THAT was enough to get anyone depressed or feeling like their life was nothing...I see NOW what it has been all this time.

Im really upset and concerned..I want to help but I don't want to overwhelm her either. Through these past couple of months, I never noticed or THOUGHT this might be the problem.
I have tried getting her to go outside, walk, do anything else...maybe I haven't tried hard enough.

Hi e3run, For your friend, you might suggest they go to an NA meeting http://www.na.org/ . Does your friend want help? It has been my experience that a person has to want help.

For yourself, you might check out Alanon http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/ and/or http://www.nar-anon.org/ . Those are groups for loved ones of alcoholics and addicts. This site http://www.stepchat.com/ has online meetings.

It is great that your friend has someone like you in her life. But your friend has to be willing to seek help for herself. Keep coming and letting us know how you and your friend are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))