I just got a splint for my thumb earlier today because of ar

I just got a splint for my thumb earlier today because of arthritis. My mom said to me that I was too young to get arthritis, that all I need to do is keep moving my thumb. Instead of keeping it still. She has no idea that pain from it earlier this week made me cry out.

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What did the doctor day? That's what matters.

I’ve heard of people as young as high school getting arthritis. I got it because I became sensitive to grains so I had to change my diet. I heard this one girl had it in high school and college and she changed her diet and it went away. But it’s important to let your doctor verify that it is arthritis, cause if you haven’t it may be something else.

I just researched your condition and didn't know how it impacted your joints when I commented just now. I hope I wasn't being rude. But I also hope you don't have to suffer too much.

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So I just read what "occipital neuralgia" is. I've had a migraine in the back of my head these past two days and cannot even imagine what it would be like for more than two years. : ( That sucks.

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@Scat It does. I start to lose myself in this. :frowning: